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Issue & Threat Monitoring

Issue and threat monitoring is a core activity of the group.

We aim to inform clients of upcoming events (public order, major/special events), and to changes in the threat situation in countries of monitoring interest and specifically those locations within countries requiring focused attention.

This is not a subscription based service as monitoring, collection and notification is ultimately tailored to each client.

General reports include:

  1. Alerts
  2. Situation Updates
  3. Threat Advisory
  4. Country Threat Profile
  5. Threat Assessment
  6. Incident Report

Analytical Support

Analytical support extends to the application of traditional and developed methodologies utilised in conjunction with internationally recognised analytical software to add context and relevance to disparate information or complex datasets.

Data Visualisation

Involves the visualisation of information to expose associations between entities. Visualisation provides a clear and concise view of complex datasets as either Link (associative) or Timeline (sequence) Charts.

Location Intelligence

Broadly defined, Location Intelligence is often used to describe tools and data employed to geographically 'map' information. These mapping applications can transform data into meaningful intelligence through visual representation of threats, incidents, trends and events.

Crime Intelligence

The intention of Criminal Intelligence is to collate and analyse crime (data), provide early warning of potential/actual threats and to support senior decision-makers in setting priorities to deal with emerging criminal issues.

Trend and Loss Analysis:

Utilising analytical software, we aim to highlight emerging patterns, methodologies and/or entities involved in criminal activity. Trend and loss analysis seeks to assist clients with crime prevention, risk minimization, event management and response strategies.

Transactional Analysis:

Involves the application of developed analytical techniques on data supplied by clients in order to demonstrate the sequence, volume and flow of commodity (i.e. currency, goods, phone calls or other form of communication) between entities. This analysis reveals and visualises the points of compromise hidden in data and highlights methodologies or event triggers. This analysis also visualises complex manoeuvres and irregularities in behaviours.